"To Save Lives and Improve Quality of Life through Health Information Technology."

Robertson Global Highlights

Our mission is to save lives and improve quality of life through health information technology by creating a sustainable strategic advantage in the emerging medical knowledge management market through innovation and technological superiority; an advantage that will provide significant widespread benefit to entire populations we serve... read more about the company, our mission, and our goals

When a son of a close friend of Dr. Joel Robertson died because of an avoidable misdiagnosis, Dr. Robertson and his friend became determined that technology could help prevent future deaths...more

The new, easy-to-use RHealth Advisor mobile web application, available on a wide variety of mobile phones, provides the most convenient and innovative access to evidence-based health advice available on the market today...more

Robertson Global Heath Solutions is continuing to expand the features of Rhealth Advisor Mobile Web in order to meet the increasing demands in our society. Robertson Global is working intensely to initiate commercialization of RHealth Advisor with major hospital systems, clinics, pharmacy chains, and telemedicine... read more about Robertson Global's latest news and announcements

Our founder recognized that the lack of global resources and funding limitations would require innovative technology to provide a global medical solution to improve diagnostics and treatment and assist in reducing costs and saving lives.  Robertson Global is dedicated to improving global healthcare through intelligent, cost-effective, and innovative technology... read more about the offering