Mission and Vision
To save lives and improve quality of life through health information technology by creating a sustainable strategic advantage in the emerging medical knowledge management market through innovation and technological superiority; an advantage that will provide significant widespread benefit to entire populations we serve.
Goals and Objectives
Our founder recognized that the lack of global resources and funding limitations would require innovative technology to provide a global medical solution to improve diagnostics and treatment and assist in reducing costs and saving lives. Robertson Global Health Solutions is dedicated to improving global healthcare through intelligent, cost-effective, and innovative technology.
The Company
Robertson Global Health Solutions (RGHS) is a publicly traded corporation under the ticker symbol RGHS. RGHS is a software and services company focused on the implementation of medical applications worldwide. The company structure is the result of a triangular subsidiary merger. The business of NxOpinion continues as a wholly owned subsidiary of RGHS through the merger executed on May 28, 2010. RGHS is the worldwide distributor of the RHealth Advisor platform described herein, with exclusive rights to license to end customers, integrate, support, use, and enhance features in the product and components.
This merger provides access to capital and the structure by which stock may be sold on public markets. The assets of the acquired company are to be absorbed and treated as property for RGHS. Liquid assets will be re-purposed to fund the growth needs of RGHS, while non-liquid assets will be divested over time to produce capital for ongoing operations.
RGHS is affiliated with a network of sister and subsidiary organizations with compatible and complementary offerings, together called Robertson Health. The combination of these companies provides for an incredibly strong medical network that offers breadth and depth of expertise.