What Does It Do?

  • Expansive electronic health record, reference guide and health tips
  • Pre-screening evaluation
  • Treatment advice
  • Therapeutic recommendations
  • Referral guidance
  • Validates decisions
  • Facilitates in detecting rare, uncommon diseases
  • Consolidates patients records from multiple clinics or treatment programs
  • Track and analyze data for use in public health initiatives
  • Records outbreaks
Robertson Global develops RHealth Advisor mobile web
The new, easy-to-use RHealth Advisor mobile web application, available on a wide variety of mobile phones, provides the most convenient and innovative access to evidence-based health advice available on the market today. The user simply inputs his or her symptoms redefined by an artificial intelligent engine producing suggested findings or labs to consider, and not only possible but probable conditions displayed in order of importance through an intuitive interface. The treatment recommendations go through a regionalized process that is authored within a proprietary content management system. Different treatments and next steps are provided depending on who is using the system, the severity of the condition, the level of authentication, resources available, and geographic location.
Some key benefits include…
Improved access via mobile technology
Management of patients
Screening for level of service needed; decreasing referral into clinics and hospitals
Follow-up; decrease readmission rates
A health record for every person; consolidation of patient records from multiple sources or treatment programs
Captures quality information concerning residents in the area
Early intervention
Improved delivery of health care by lesser trained individuals; identification of patients needing treatment
Clinical supervision and monitoring of healthcare workers through documentation of decisions
Equip doctors and nurse practitioners with probabilistic differential diagnosis support
Robertson Global Heath Solutions is continuing to expand the features of Rhealth Advisor Mobile Web in order to meet the increasing demands in our society. Robertson Global is working intensely to initiate commercialization of RHealth Advisor with major hospital systems, clinics, pharmacy chains, and telemedicine. RHealth Mobile Web offering is central in delivering a solution that manages patients more effectively and efficiently and provides early intervention of treatment.
RHealth Advisor mobile web takes advantage of the advanced web browser capabilities of smart phone platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7, while at the same time remaining accessible to lower-end feature phones with less capable browsers and small for factors.