Market Value and Opportunity

We believe the global market for RHealth Advisor is significant. Whether used as a mobile health diagnostic and screening tool by rural health workers in remote areas of the developing world or as a screening, diagnosis and record-keeping tool as a part of a developed nation’s national health program, we believe our software technology can greatly improve the effectiveness and delivery of health services worldwide.
Developing and emerging countries lack sufficient medical personnel, facilities and resources to meet the demand for healthcare. Trained healthcare workers are not available in areas where they are needed most.
Developed nations also face increasing and intense pressure to reduce the costs of healthcare services while maintaining a high quality of care. Through the innovative use of near real-time decision support technology we expand access to reliable health diagnosis and provide accurate triage, thus utilizing the minimum healthcare resources necessary and allowing only those with critical needs to be referred upward through the medical treatment system. We help guide appropriate treatment protocols at the proper level, whether it be the consumer, a local healthcare worker, a physician, a hospital or specialist. We believe our tools can contribute to lower costs and improved quality of care.
With access to mobile phones and the Internet, consumers are assuming more of their healthcare decision making while facing increased costs, as businesses and governments attempt to manage the delivery of services. Existing tools are inadequate as they lack the ability to interpret data, and are unable to ask the user for additional information in order to deliver a statistically relevant diagnosis and treatment plan.