RHealth Advisor Applications
·         Diagnostics and Pre-screening
·         Medical Reference Guide
·         Data Collection 
·         Electronic Health Record
·         Health Tips
RHealth Advisor, provided by Robertson Global Health Solutions, is a healthcare software suite that includes pre-screening, treatment advice, an electronic health record, a reference guide, and health tips all in an integrated, low-cost and widely accessible platform. RHealth Advisor can be localized to any region and language. The software runs on a laptop and now with Robertson Health’s latest technological advancement, RHealth Advisor Mobile Web, it also runs on mobile phones as well. The software is sophisticated, and yet easy to use because it can be customized for varied users, including consumers, nurses, physicians or other healthcare providers. RHealth Advisor is a powerful, flexible and accurate tool that can be used by healthcare providers around the world to engage patients, improve outcomes and cost effectiveness, and expand the reach of healthcare delivery.
RHealth Advisor has been tested in rural parts of Kenya, the Congo, Ghana, Latin America, and India.  Its usability and diagnostic accuracy has been studied and endorsed.  The results were amazing - accurate enough to take a minimally trained health provider and make them almost as accurate as a team of collaborating physicians.  It was even nominated for an artificial intelligence award by Microsoft.